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Peter Manchester

My name is Peter Manchester and I was born and raised in the Bradwell district of Newcastle-under-Lyme, a town in North Staffordshire just a mile or two to the west of the city of Stoke on Trent.

I was educated at Newcastle-u-Lyme High School (now known as Newcastle-under-Lyme School) in Staffordshire, and the University of Nottingham, from where I graduated in Physics in 1978.

I spent many years working as a computer programmer, developing and supporting software for a number of commercial sectors including the financial services industry, non-profit organisations and the out-of-home advertising industry, and was briefly self-employed as an IT contractor.

I now work as a civil servant in the Department for Work and Pensions.

I enjoy country walking and photography, and I have a serious but non-professional interest in ancient and modern history, philosophy and psychology.

Please don't confuse me with anyone else who shares my name and who may be found by a quick search on Google or Facebook. I am not a Canadian artist and I don't know how to make things with broken hockey sticks. Neither am I a professor of ancient Greek philosophy. I am not an insurance broker in the north of England, and neither am I a director of an IT company. I am also not a drama-school graduate. You probably guessed all that anyway.