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Here is a mixture of old and modern photographs related to my family history.

  1. Some early twentieth century pictures  of members of the Manchester and Renshaw families. These came from my grandmother Drusilla Renshaw.

  2. Pictures sent to me by Mr Chris Sambrook of Birmingham, showing examples of railway rolling stock  made by the Renshaw Phoenix Works foundry.

  3. Modern pictures used with permission of Mr Steven Birks of Stoke-on-Trent, showing the house at Number 2 Cemetery Road, Hanley, which was once owned by my great-grandfather William Robert Renshaw.

  4. Pictures taken by myself, showing a copy of the works of Alfred Lord Tennyson, a former Poet Laureate. The book was a school prize  given to my grandfather Albert Manchester when he was pupil-cadet on the school-ship HMS Conway.

  5. Pictures taken by myself, showing the steam-driven beam-engines made at Coleham Pumping Station  by the Renshaw Phoenix Works foundry.

  6. Pictures taken by myself, showing golf trophies  won by my great-grandfather Thomas Lee Manchester at Pwllheli Golf Club.

  7. Archive photographs from collections showing the Orvieto  in service as an Australian troopship between October and December 1914.

  8. A fountain pen  bearing the name of the ship RMS Orvieto. These photographs were sent by John and Barbara Pogson of Whitstable in Kent.

  9. The bell  of the SS Orvieto survives in a school playground in Stirling, Scotland. This photograph was sent by Kenneth Brown.

  10. The maker's plate  of the SS Orvieto was acquired by Auburn Antiques in Armadale, Victoria, Australia and sold on eBay. This photograph was taken from eBay with the permission of the seller.

  11. This picture of Alfred Slater, R.N.,  a 17-year old rating on H.M.S. Orvieto in 1917, was sent to me by his daughter-in-law Catherine.