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Family album

Most of these photographs are of the Manchester family and were passed on to me by my grandmother Drusilla Renshaw. She once had many photographs of the Renshaws as well but she lost possession of them when she was seriously ill and hospitalised, so I have no idea what her father William Robert Renshaw looked like.

The first three photographs reproduced here are from a set dated January 1915.

My grandfather and great-grandfather

The older man (standing) in this picture is my great-grandfather, Thomas Lee Manchester. Seated is my grandfather Albert Manchester.

My grandfather and great-aunts My grandfather and great-aunts

Here again is Albert Manchester with his two sisters, Alice and Julia (Jo) Manchester.

My grandfather (and his mother?)

Albert Manchester as a boy.
I don't know who the lady on the right is.

My grandmother in her youth

Drusilla Renshaw  in her youth.

My paternal grandparents

My paternal grandparents.