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"And you are interested in ....?"
"Facts," broke in Heyst in his courtly
voice. "There's nothing worth knowing but
facts. Hard facts!"

Joseph Conrad, "Victory", 1914

These pages were devised and created as a tribute to my late father, Thomas Lee Manchester (1918-1995).

The starting point for my investigations concerning the RMS Orvieto was a wedding gift to my paternal grandparents in 1916 which I inherited and aroused my curiosity.

That's not the only subject covered here, though. You will also find information about my family, including the nineteenth/twentieth century Midlands industrialist William Robert Renshaw (my great-grandfather) and his grand-sons George  and John  Starr, who were both officers in the Second World War Special Operations Executive.

There are also some photo galleries related to these subjects.

I always welcome thoughtful responses from visitors, especially from people who are able to contribute material related to what is already here. If you have any such material that is appropriate and relevant for addition to this site then please do contact me. Maybe you have or had a relative that had some connection with events or people mentioned on this site, in which case please let me know.

Conversely, if you believe this site to contain any errors, discrepancies or falsehoods then please contact me and point out where you think I am wrong, and the source of your information.