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RMS Orvieto

The Royal Mail Ship Orvieto was a steamer of the Orient Line engaged in the passenger trade between England and Australia. During the Great War she was requisitioned for naval service, first as a troop ship, and then as an armed merchant cruiser and mine-layer. My grandfather Albert Manchester, R.N.R (1889-1935), a second mate in the merchant marine and a naval reserve sub-lieutenant, was an officer of the ship during this time. It is my belief that he served aboard Orvieto from 1914 all the way through to 1918, although the only hard evidence relates to the month of December 1916. I can recall some of the stories which my grandmother told me about him, which included an account of the taking on board of prisoners from the German cruiser Emden.

You can read a summary of the ship's history, an account of her war-time actions, some technical data and some miscellaneous items of information related to the vessel.

You can also read extracts from a diary of one of the ship's officers as well as a steward's' personal log written during it's service as a troop-ship in 1914.

The names of many of the ship's officers were engraved on a wedding gift to my grandparents in 1916.

There is also a postcard sent by a passenger of the ship on the outbreak of the First World War, a letter written by another passenger in 1922, and a certificate of seamanship owned by a member of the crew.

On related pages you can also find the Orvieto  in service as an Australian troopship in 1914,  a fountain pen  bearing the name of the ship RMS Orvieto,  the bell  and maker's plate  of the SS Orvieto,  and Alfred Slater, R.N.,  a 17-year old rating on H.M.S. Orvieto in 1917.

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(Acknowledgements and thanks also to The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company and to Mr Ross Mallett for providing information.)