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A partial list of the officers, December 1916

The list at the end of this page identifies some of the officers of the Orvieto in December 1916, as found in the Navy Lists for 1916 and 1917. The names are taken from signatures inscribed on a silver tray which was an unusual wedding gift to my grandfather, Albert Manchester from his fellow-officers, and which is in my possession.

The inscription reads:

Presented to Sub-Lieutenant and Mrs Manchester on the occasion of their Marriage. Dec 2nd 1916. By the Officers of H.M.S "Orvieto".

Presented to Sub-Lieutenant and Mrs Manchester on the occasion of their Marriage. Dec 2nd 1916.
By the Officers of H.M.S "Orvieto".

Not all the signatures are legible, and some cannot be unambiguously matched with names from the Navy Lists. Each officer identified is listed together with his rank and date of seniority. The officers were variously members of the Royal Navy, Royal Naval Reserve and Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. I have not distinguished between officers of these three services as I should have done, but to correct the ommission I would have to go back and check the records again, which I will probably never do.

An incomplete list of the officers of HMS Orvieto in December 1916.
Name Rank Date of seniority
Battison, Duncan McL Engineer Sub-Lieutenant 6th March 1915
Brewer, Frederick H Sub-Lieutenant 26th January 1915
Cambell, Ronald P Midshipman 15th May 1916
Causer, Walter B Midshipman 20th May 1916
Clarke, Donald L Engineer Sub-Lieutenant 6th March 1915
Crawford, W Engineer Sub-Lieutenant 22nd May 1915
Drewett, Frederick C Sub-Lieutenant 15th April 1916
Durrant, Bertrand W Midshipman 5th April 1916
Filkin, Robert T N Sub-Lieutenant 12th June 1916
Hayes, Ignatius J Lieutenant Commander 15th August 1916
Higgins, John T D S Surgeon 4th October 1912
Jones, Henry J Sub-Lieutenant 15th April 1916
Locke, Donald Engineer Lieutenant Commander 12th July 1915
Mackain, Clifford A Sub-Lieutenant 3rd February 1916
Manchester, Albert Sub-Lieutenant 12th June 1916
Mervyn, Audley Engineer Sub-Lieutenant 24th July 1916
Osborne, Henry M Engineer Lieutenant 12th July 1915
Robinson, Harold Lieutenant 4th April 1915
Shaw, Ernest H Engineer Sub-Lieutenant 6th March 1915
Tillotson, William P Midshipman 6th March 1915
Weymouth, Sydney G Midshipman 25th April 1916
Whitehead, Ernest W Paymaster 10th December 1914

The Navy Lists of officers were consulted at Birmingham Central Library.

A CD-Rom containing the Navy List for August 1914 can be purchased from the Archive Britain web site at Most of the officers listed above will not be found on it, since with one exception they all received their naval commissions after August 1914.