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October 20th

Melbourne Oct 20.

H.M.A.T A3

At last we are to get under weigh for home after laying here for 6 weeks. What we have done since we have been here I cannot tell, it would fill a book. Fishing, Swimming, cricket, football and all sorts of sport, but I am very glad its all over and we are getting ready for home.

Well the troops have arrived in gaily decorated trains and engines and have lined up on the pier in front of shipís bands playing and tremendous enthusiasm showed by crowd. Guard have great difficulties in keeping them off the pier.

Nurses arrive, more cheering. General Bridges and Staff arrive, still more. Everybody aboard including a few officers wives and friends. Crowd get unmanageable at end of pier and break past guard swarming onto the pier in thousands. Then the excitement is at its height. Much tears and gnashing of teeth.

We get Officers friends off and away we go. The cheering is something terrific, bands playing "Good-bye little girl Good-bye" and "The girl I left behind me". At last we are away and I am very pleased. Itís a bit strange everybody you meet is a soldier. So ends the first day of our journey.

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