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October 26th & 29th

Albany 26th

Arrived here this morning, very nearly all the other ships are here now except the New Zealand contingent. There is a fleet of about 20 ships here, all sorts and sizes its quite a spectacle.

There’s nothing much happening, only drills and they are getting a bit monotonous already.


The New Zealand crowd arrived this morning, ten transports all painted grey and three battle ships one of them a Jap named the Ibuki.

There has been a great gathering of the clans on board our ship being flagship. I tell you we are the ship. We have a Naval Commander, Naval Secretary, Bos’uns, Signallers, Interpreters, about six Marconi operators and goodness knows what. Well they have had their pow-wow, also their lunch and they are off. Great excitement watching military officers going down Jacobs ladder onto tender, weather too bad to allow gangway to be used.

Well after lying here for nearly a week we are about to proceed on our way, have taken on coal and water and only waiting for warships to do the same. New Zealanders report one man and severn horses lost on journey from New Zealand. Also the "Hoosata (?)" reports very bad sanitary arrangements and overcrowding, so they have taken one company away. All ready for sailing now.

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