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November 1st

Nov 1st Albany

Run 44 Mls

A fine morning and we get under weigh about 6 o’clock a.m., by midday we are all in our respective positions thus:

We have just done 44 miles by midday, great isn’t it. The old “Southern” that is behind us is licking up a dust. There is rather a big swell on going round the Leuwin and she is all over the place. She can only steam about 9 knots, that’s when everything is in good trim. I expect she will break down in the middle of the Indian Ocean. She is the proper lame duck of the fleet, if it was not for her we could get along much quicker. We are all well away now for a long run to Colombo. I believe it is our next stopping place and the sooner we get there the better.

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