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November 9th

Monday Nov 9th

Run 239 mls.

Turn out at 5.45 very warm.

Am told by middle watchman that we passed the Cocos Islands on Eastern side, usually pass Western side, very close they say we were 20 mls. away. Next exciting thing happens at 7.00 when we see the "Sydney" firing up for all she is worth and shooting off to the west as fast as she can go. Things are getting very interesting. All the naval people walking or rather running about bursting with subdued excitement.

At last it comes through "Sydney in action", then there’s some speculation. The naval people become the object of all eyes. Everybody is bursting to ask questions but are afraid to. Then another message comes through "Sydney asks Melbourne to stand by in case of accidents". Away goes the Melbourne, "Hell for Leather".

The "Ibuki" is the only one left to us now. She frantically wires our Naval Commander to go and help "Sydney". Gets permission and away she goes. We can see her as plain as anything as she crosses our bows, stripping herself ready for action, we are all on our own now. And I tell you we haven’t been so excited since the war started. Wondering how things will turn out. It will be serious for us if it turns out like the Valparaiso affair.

At 11 o’clock, the message comes through "Enemy beaches himself to save sinking". You should have heard the cheers, later on it comes through that it is the "Emden", the German raider who they have been searching for for about 2 months. You should have heard the troops then, they nearly went mad. Casualties on "Sydney": 2 killed 13 wounded, am now eagerly awaiting further news.

The "Sydney" is chasing collier who was coaling "Emden".

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