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November 10th

Oct (Must mean Nov) 10 Tuesday

Distance run 249 mls. Position at noon 8° 11’ S 93° 39’ E

Things are very quiet today after yesterday’s excitement.

Message from "Sydney" this morning says

The Emden had sent a boat ashore just previous to sighting Sydney. And while in action. They destroyed wireless plant also two cables. The Emden beached on Keeling Island 30 mls. North of Cocos with three funnels and forward mast shot away, whilst the "Sydney" is intact. Landed wounded prisoners on Direction (?) Island, and bringing rest of prisoners to Colombo.

They still have some idea that there are more Germans about as our two remaining escorts are manoeuvring all over the place. And all lights out at 7.30 last night. I was in bed shortly after 8 last night. But had quite a time looking for coffee cups with matches, and had a small piece of candle to go to bed with, quite pre-historic.

News just put up says "Sydney" chased collier, took off crew and sank her. And great presence of mind displayed by wireless operators on Island. When they made out it was enemy’s boat they hid some wireless plant so that after all they have been able to fix the plant up again and continue operations. Also states that "Emden’s" casualties above the normal. They say the Osterley must have had a very narrow escape passing the Islands the night previous.

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