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November 12th & 13th

Thursday Nov 12th

Run 260

Position at Noon 2° 27’ S. 87° 34’ E

Have had a great day so far. Turned out at 5.30 a.m. and on looking out of porthole observe battleship close alongside. We are all stopped and a long way from other boats.

Wondering what is happening I go on deck and find another battleship on other side and boat full of bluejackets alongside, it gets interesting. Arriving in lounge find General Bridges, Captain Smith and Captain of the Melbourne having pow-wow, all sorts of rumours going round. One is that enemy in sight. Another is that we are to get ready to receive wounded prisoners from the Sydney. But no Sydney.

Arrives up "Empress of Russia" coming up to assist with wounded and prisoners. This ship is sister to "Empress of Asia". Have been very busy all afternoon getting ready to receive wounded from "Sydney", expect her tomorrow morning early.

Friday Nov 13

Run 248 Mls.

Position at noon 0° 37’ N 84° 48’ E

Woke this morning to find another strange cruiser ahead of us and the ten New Zealand boats coming up through the lines. The cruiser turns out to be the "Hampshire" 10,800 tons. She is escorting New Zealanders to Colombo, they are getting there some hours ahead as they all want coal.

Message comes through that the "Konigsburg", another German cruiser, has been located by the British cruiser "Chatham" The crew have entrenched themselves ashore and "Chatham" busily engaged shelling her.

Also that Tsing Tao has surrendered, and that everything is progressing pretty favourably on the continent.

Expect to reach Colombo Sunday some time only stopping for water, and expect to sail again some time on Monday. WE have seen nothing of the Sydney. They transferred prisoners and wounded to "Empress of Russia" and have both gone to Colombo. It has been very wet all day. Crossed the Line about midday so we’re getting on.

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