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November 17th & 18th.

Tuesday Nov 17

Colombo. Run 4 Mls

Nothing much happens during the morning but about 11 o’clock we get under weigh again and I’m not sorry. The only excitement now is watching the prisoners going and coming from meals. It is much cooler and and shall not be sorry to reach Port Said, but believe we are going to Aden first.

Wednesday Nov 18

Run 250 Mls.

You can see by the above that we have done a good run today so we shall soon be home. There is one thing that was really disappointing and that is we received no letters at Colombo. I felt quite sorry, was hoping to get some news from home.

Also a lecture was given by the Govt. Correspondent Mr Bean, or rather a graphic description of the engagement between the "Sydney" and the "Emden". The details being very exciting and a trifle bloodthirsty. One item alone says that out of all the crew on deck, only five are alive to tell the tale. The survivors say it was something appalling and was very glad when it was all over. Although covering only the space of 1 hr. 40 mins. It is cram full of exciting incidents which would take too long to explain here.

We have the "Hampshire" escorting us now, but I expect we shall get some more when the rest of the convoy catch us up. We left some in Colombo taking in coal and water.

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