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November 19th to 21st

Thursday Nov 19

Position 9° 7’ N 71° 53’ E

Run 237 Mls.

Weather much cooler and things about the same generally. Had some exciting news this morning. The captain of the guard, finding one of the sentries guarding the prisoners asleep and took his rifle away without him knowing it. He has been sentenced to 28 days imprisonment and the next one found asleep on sentry-go will be shot. Exciting isn’t it.

Friday Nov 20

Position 10° 9’ N 67° 43’ E

Run 254 Mls.

The only thing of note that happens today is a grand march past with band playing. And I must say that they are getting into shape fairly well, much to the chagrin of our prisoners who were watching things through their windows. It must be very maddening to them to see all these men training to fight their country, and not being able to do anything. Still they have had their day. The "Ibuki" has just passed ahead and the rest of the convoy all just visible on the horizon – expect they will be in their respective positions by the morning.

Sat Nov 21

Position 11° 20’ N, 63° 23’ E>

Run 269

Woke up this morning to hear that two of the transports have had a collision, the Ascanius and Shropshire. They say that the Ascanius has a hole about 20 ft long in her. There will be an enquiry into it when we get to Aden.

The "Hampshire" has been out here ever since the war began and has covered about 50,000 Mls. She has been chasing all over the show and looks as if she wants to go into dry dock. And the crew don’t look very robust, they all look fagged out. They come alongside of us every day for fresh meat. General Bridges went aboard her this morning and when he came aboard again he said that they could not invite him to lunch as they only had tinned meat, such is the fortunes of war.

Also we are very short of water.

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