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November 25th to 27th

Nov 25


The last few days have passed without incident worth noting.

We left the ranks yesterday with the Hampshire and came on ahead at full speed, it was quite nice to get a move on, and arrived here this morning about 7 A.M. This place is full of ships. There’s a big Cunarder all black turned into an armed cruiser, the “Royal George” another Western ocean boat and an Indian armed cruiser. Also one or two of the Indian convoy.

It is very hot in here. They are coaling and every thing is shut down, and it is too hot to write.

Thursday Nov 26

Aden - Perim

We left Aden this morning about 6.30 and reached Perim About 2 P.M. A great deal of excitement as we go through as this particular spot belongs to Turkey and there are forts here, but nothing happens.

Passing plenty of troopships going to India with "Terriers". Only one small piece of excitement today, a strange craft appears on starboard bow. Off goes the "Hampshire" after her, and it looks as if she is going to ram her, and then sheers off. Everything is all right I hear afterwards, that they thought she was laying mines. A pity if she had been doing so.

Friday Nov 27

Run 262 Mls.

Very quiet today and also very hot. We have a following wind and only travelling 10 knots, its wicked.

We left the lines this afternoon about 4 O’clock and came up alongside the "Hampshire" to give her the daily supply of meat. Also to drop a few firemen and sailors that went ashore in Colombo from the "Geelong" and failed to return in time. They were brought on to Aden where we picked them up.

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