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November 28th & 29th

Sat Nov 28

LAT - 19° 25, LONG 39° 11

Run 257 Mls.

Am awake this morning about 5.30 and there is quite a buzz of excitement. The middle watchman says theres something in the wind as all the "Heads" turned out at midnight and held a hurried conference. Later on in the morning it turns out that they have had a message from home or rather the War Office telling them to drop the troops at Port Said owing to the trouble with Turkey. So after two more sittings the order goes out for full steam ahead and away we come all on our own.

The troops are getting quite excited to think they are going to get some fighting so soon. What we are going to do after landing our troops I dont know, but I hope we are all coming straight home.

Have just read the log of the "Emden" from the time war was declared until she met the "Sydney" as it is worth reading. I will try and copy.

Sunday Nov. 29

Position 25° 0 N, 35 50E

Run 382 Mls.

You will see by the above run that we mean business now, we have lost the rest of the convoy altogether. Nothing exciting happens, only two of our chaps are signing off the ship and joining the Australians. Fancy being stuck in Egypt for six months and then shot off to the front. I think if Id been I their place I should have come home and joined up.

All the soldiers are very busy packing up and the Heads are busy in the Headquarters Office. I shall not be sorry to get rid of them and get home, and by the way I hear we are having all the German prisoners on our boat. There is about 150 of them so they will have to send a guard with them.

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