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November 30th to December 2nd

Monday Nov 30


Arrived here about 10 O’clock this morning after another fine run. It has turned quite cold now with a strong wind blowing.

Get under weigh to go through the Canal about 2 O’clock. And we keep passing encampments of soldiers, Lancashire Fusiliers and Native Indian troops, and the din when we pass them is deafening. The Indians nearly go barmy when they know we are Australians. And they have all the country prepared around them, all entrenched and barbed wire entanglements. We pass an encampment about every two miles so you can guess there is a few men there. I believe there is some trouble with the Turks and that is why our troops have to disembark here.

Tues Dec 1st

Port Said

Arrived here this morning about 6.30. There are three French men-o-war and one English, the "Swiftsure". One French boat has 6 aeroplanes and 20,000 bombs aboard for the Turks.

They have flooded a lot of the country round here and are getting all ready to receive the Turks who are only sixty miles away. Received news of Great Russian Victory, also the "Bulwark" disaster, very sad news that.

We are landing our troops at Alexandria.

Wed Dec 2nd

Port Said

Still here, but we are moving today I think.

A hundred men and the Officers disembarked this morning. And we had a visit from Maj. Genl. Godby, Commanding New Zealand troops. Then the "Hampshire’s" boats called for the German prisoners. They are collecting the lot and taking them to Malta. The Captain of the "Emden" and the Prince said Good Bye to a lot of the Officers and shook hands, and away they went.

After that five New Zealand boats came down the lines, what with the cheering and the bands playing g it was pandemonium at loose for an hour. We followed the N.Z. boats out and now we are on our way to Alexandria.

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