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December 3rd & 4th

Thurs Dec 3rd

Alexandria, Egypt

Arrived here first thing this morning, the harbour is full of German ships prisoners, both steamers and sailormen. We go right alongside and start disembarking our troops. I don’t think they like the idea, they would sooner have come to England.

Alexandria is a very busy place now as there are five New Zealanders in here with us now. And what with trains for troops and other war impedimenta they are pushed a bit I can tell you. They were never so busy in their lives before.

Friday Dec. 4th

Alexandria, Egypt

Still here and still busy, but we are shifting today sometime for home. They are very busy unloading carts and ammunition, also half a dozen Officers’ motor cars.

It is very interesting to watch the Egyptian stevedores working, it takes exactly 16 of them to lift the body of a small ammunition cart weighing about 2 cwt.

Well the last of the troops have just gone ashore, and the remaining Officers are saying goodbye, even the Naval Captain and Secretary are leaving us. We are bringing Mrs. McLagen and daughter and Surgeon General Williams to England.

Well we have just pushed off for Merrie England amidst deafening cheers from the soldiers on the quay, wishing us a safe journey home. And we are making straight for Gib. at 15 knots. Roll on Gib, Roll on England.

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