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December 5th to 8th

Sat Dec 5th

Run 226 Mls

Every thing very quiet aboard, seems like heaven after the turmoil we’ve had, no bugles, no bands and no work. Nothing exciting happened only we are 226 Mls nearer home.

Sunday Dec 6th

Run 340 Mls.

Still very quiet in fact more so today as it is Sunday and all hands have the day off.

Passed two ships today both outward bound. They caused a little excitement when first seen as to what nationality they might be, but were both neutral.

Expecting to arrive at Gib Wednesday, Plymouth Saturday and London Sunday if all goes well.

Tuesday Dec 8th

Run 350

Passed Malta this morning early, we could just see it is the distance when we turned out.

Nothing happens today until 5 p.m. when two small torpedo boats are seen making for us at top speed. I tell you one doesn’t know what to think because their flag is so dirty that you cannot make out their nationality. They do not slacken speed until they are nearly up to us and they are travelling about 25 knots. Then their smoke begrimed flag is made out to be the Tricolour – French. We give them a mighty cheer which they return and away they go again and we breathe more freely once more.

Pass Algiers about 9 P.M., looks like a very large place well lit up. They have two searchlights ashore and when they saw us they kept the lights on us until they were satisfied who we were. Because this is the town that the Goeben and Breslau bombarded and it makes them careful.

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