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December 9th to 11th

Wednesday Dec 9th

Very quiet today and nothing worth noting happens.

Thursday Dec 10th

Turn out this morning about 5.30 to find we are right under the "Rock". Thereís two or three men-o-war in there and a couple of armed merchantmen, one of them being the "Carmania", the one that sank the German "Cap Trafalgar". They also say that the Sydney and Melbourne are in there, but I should hardly think so.

The "Hampshire" came up and went into the harbour while we were laying there. Have heard that they have still got the prisoners aboard and are bringing them to London. We have been taking in torpedo nets to be delivered at Devonport.

Get under weigh again about 9.00 when the news is posted up about the battle off the Falkland Islands. Thatís revenge for the Valparaiso affair. I wonder if the "Minotaur" was in that scrap. Good old Admiral Sturdee. Well we are ripping along at 15 knots and due to reach Plymouth Sunday noon.

Friday Dec 11th

Passed Cape Roca this morning at 7 A.M. Weather very stormy, wet and misty, one of the worst mornings Iíve experienced. Proper English weather.

Get wireless news from Cornwall verifying the Falkland Islands battle. Shall get a full account of it in the paper at Plymouth Sunday.

Expect to get to Tilbury on Tuesday, if we do not strike a mine coming up the channel.

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This brings us to the end of Arthur Read's log.